Our wine


In the first place the Merlot. Ten days later the Cabernets Francs.

In the cellar the harvest is sorted right away on the vibrating table. It is then a perfectly healthy harvest and in full maturity that starts its long cycle by a cold maceration.

In the meanwhile we let the must settle, with a cold settling, in order to clarify it. We use techniques such as pumping-over, punching of the cap, release and micro-oxygenation.

The control of temperature (thermoregulation) keeps the must at 82.4 F° (28°C). This constancy in the temperature is essential because it will extract the most beautiful tannins and aromas. Without forgetting the color which will intensify during the alcoholic fermentation. This period lasts around 25 days. The second fermentation is the malolactic fermentation. We make it last between 4 and 5 months in order to blend the lees three times a week and give more fatness and relief to our growth. The ageing lasts eighteen months

Its objectives are the following :

  • Purify the wine from its impurities by racking
  • Ageing the wine
  • Develop its aromas
  • Prepare the final blending

For the Vieilles Vignes cuvée, it is done in French oak barrels, which half of them are changed each year. For the Puynormond cuvee it is done in tanks.

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